Writing can be your compassionate friend.

blank paper with pen and coffee cup on wood table
Photo by Kaboompics  on Pexels

I always loved writing. It has always been my trustworthy companion for as long as I can remember. I write on every occasion but mostly when life gets too tiring and when my heart feels too heavy to bear. I write when I am happy- to capture that joyful moment with pen and paper. I then read it when I feel bored or sad to cheer myself up. It helps more than anything else. I also write down all my sorrows and pains, my aching and heartbreaks. 

Writing is how I cope with my despair and hurt. I feel lighter when I pour all of my hardships and shortcomings down in a paper. It by no means solves the problems but it helps me calm down.  

Sometimes I like to write stories, create characters and put all my fantasies into the story. I lose myself in my own created world and for a few moments everything feels alright. I feel that I express myself better with writing than speaking.  

Writing is not just my hobby; it’s my passion, my life. Things that cannot say, pains that I cannot utter and desires that fails to find its way to the lips flow down from my heart, to my fingers and find its home in a piece of paper.  

I find solace and peace in writing when there’s a storm raging that threatens to swallow me. Even as I write this small piece I feel a sense of calmness settle over me and smile that forms on my face assures me that I am okay as long as writing leaves me not. 

Image  Chitsiarho Po







6 thoughts on “Writing can be your compassionate friend.

  1. Its a first post from North East India on Imagination Breathing. Congratulation. I am sure it will inspire many people.

    Best wishes:
    Imagination Breathing.


  2. Wonderful Chitsiarho!!!continue writing , you really do it well. and you do it well because you love what you do… 😉


  3. I just would like to take this moment to thank all who took the time to read and comment my post. I thankyou whole heartedly. It encourages me to continue doing what i love most. :-):-)


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