Writing can be your compassionate friend. by Chitsiarho Po , Shillong (India).

ImageChitsiarho Po     

From: Shillong (India)

I want to start off by congratulating my dear friend Paul Fernandes for the amazing work he is  doing with this blog. I’ve read all the post and none of it has failed to inspire me. I wanted to start something like this. But I was too afraid. So I want to applaud you for your courage, for overcoming the fear that I battle to this very day.

I have always loved writing. It has always been my trusthworthy companion for as long as I can remember. I write on every occasion but mostly when life gets too tiring and when my heart feels too heavy to bear.

I write when I am happy- to capture that joyful moment with pen and paper. I then read it when I feel bored or sad to cheer up myself. It helps more than anything else. I also write down all my sorrows and pains, my aching and heartbreaks. Writing is how I cope with my despairs and hurts. I feel lighter when I pour all of my hardships and shortcomings down in a paper. It by no means solves the problems but it helps me calm down.

Sometimes I like to write stories, create characters and put all my fantasies into the story. I lose myself in my own created world and for a few moments everything feels alright. I feel that I express myself better with writing than speaking.

Writing is not just my hobby; it’s my passion, my life. Things that cannot say, pains that I cannot utter and desires that fails to find it’s way to the lips flow down from my heart, to my fingers and find its home in a piece of paper.

I find solace and peace in writing when there’s a storm raging that threatens to swallow me. Even as I write this small piece I feel a sense of calmness settle over me and the smile that forms on my face assures me that I am okay as long as writing leaves me not.

Thank you:

Chitsiarho Po.



  1. Its a first post from North East India on Imagination Breathing. Congratulation. I am sure it will inspire many people.

    Best wishes:
    Imagination Breathing.


  2. Wonderful Chitsiarho!!!continue writing , you really do it well. and you do it well because you love what you do… 😉


  3. I just would like to take this moment to thank all who took the time to read and comment my post. I thankyou whole heartedly. It encourages me to continue doing what i love most. :-):-)


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