Did you just update your social media status?

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Photo by Omkar Patyane

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” ~Cynthia Ozick.

Some years ago, I was having  lunch with my childhood friend, we happened to meet after a long time. A strange thing happened , which challenged my understanding of how present we are to the person in front of us . While we were together, we often looked at our cell phone while speaking to each other. I asked him once, what are you doing, he said- updating my social media status. After some time I was fiddling with my phone, so he asked what are you upto? I replied -updating my social media status. There was this long pause, because we just realised what stupidity we were unconsciously making. There we were meeting after such a longtime and rather than giving complete attention to the person in front of us, “we were giving importance to a machine, that sometimes has total control on us”.  

May be this has happened with you too. So let’s challenge ourselves to give our undivided attention to a person in front of us. Let our eagerness to find out how many likes and comments  we have got on our latest updated photo and status on social media wait….

If we can do this, I am sure our relationships will be more enriching than ever.
Try it for a day.

Paul Fernandes


5 thoughts on “Did you just update your social media status?

  1. Yes updating status is a way to tell everyone what I feel at that point but not forgetting the value of a person sitting with us. Because time is part of our life, but does not belong to us. Live today. “He who neglects the present moment, throws away all he has!” ( Schiller)


    1. Thank you Juanita for your comment.I admire your practise with your phone. Thanks also for retweeting this post on twitter. Appreciated.

      Thank you. Have a nice day.

      Imagination Breathing.


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