“The identity of a student…” by: Prof. Barry K Rymbai (Shillong, India)

sir barry  Assistant Professor      Barry K Rymbai. Department of History. (St.Edmund’s College.Shillong,India)

  “The identity of a student…”  

“Take care of the small things and the rest will follow”.

                   First and foremost I would like to congratulate the successful candidates who have got their academic results in their respective states. But there is something far more important than just securing a position in an examination.  We have to remember and realise that for every one position holder there are many students who have also achieved their goal albeit their name might not appear in the merit list. More importantly we also should spare a thought for those students who did not make it. Please remember that there could not be a Mahatma Gandhi without the numerous nameless faces that made it possible for him to do what he did and that is true for every great leader of this world. With that in mind let us celebrate the success of students who have got positions without forgetting the many students who have also conquered their own challenges. While marks are important in a country like India , they are not the true reflection of what makes a student. May God bless us all.

Thank you:

Barry K Rymbai.

Assistant Professor, Department of History. (St.Edmund’s College.Shillong,India)


5 thoughts on ““The identity of a student…” by: Prof. Barry K Rymbai (Shillong, India)

  1. Now that is inspiring! Thank you Sir! That makes us strong and gives courage to fight for upcoming challenges! 🙂


  2. Well said Barry. We work in a mineral mine…we extract gold, silver and other minerals. All have their worth.


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