Interview with Shillong’s rising DJ – Elton Pato. By: Paul Fernandes.

elton2 Elton Phankon.

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Interview with Shillong’s rising DJ- Elton Pato.                        By Paul Fernandes.

 Paul:       Hello Elton, Can you introduce yourself to the readers of  “Imagination  Breathing” before we begin with the  Interview?

Elton:   I am Elton Phankon and my stage name is Elton Pato. I am from a  beautiful place named Shillong, which is in the North Eastern part of India. I joined the dance music industry when I was 18  years old. Shillong has produced a lot of good DJ’s like Jop, Arpan, Sev and  Larry. They have been a great inspiration to  me. My first ever  professional “GIG”was   “Terramayaa” in   Guwahati, Assam where I  opened for  India’s     No 1, hip hop DJ   at the age of 19. After that I met  Jop Tiewsoh  who is a       mentor   and a teacher to me. He brought me up  in  this  line of DJ-ing  to  who I am today. I owe him a lot.

Paul:      Tell us something you like to do other than DJ-ing?

Elton:    I am currently doing my studies in St.Edmund’s college, Shillong.  I am  a  crazy football fan, I organize club events  and I try to promote other DJ’s too.

Paul:      How do you balance your time between studies and DJ-ing?

Elton:     All DJ events are late nights, sometime I come home at 4am and I have college at 7 am. I try my best to be on time and  balance my academic life.

Paul:      As you are aware, so far “Imagination Breathing” has been  viewed in 92  countries, so what was your feeling when I  approached you for an interview?

Elton:    Couldn’t have a better feeling…I have no words to express how amazing  I felt.

Paul:      What was your parent’s reaction as you were venturing into the  line of   DJ-ing at the early age of 18?

Elton:    In the beginning it was difficult. My parents did not accept of  me being  a DJ, because they felt that I may get into  narcotics. As time passed  they saw that I was taking   responsibility for my life and financially I was  less dependent  on them. Above all I have stayed sober up until  now. This is my  dream and whatever I do, I do it for the love of music.

Paul:      Any big DJ’s that you have shared the stage with?

Elton:    I have shared stage with Anil Chawla from U.K, Katya Tsaryova   from  Ukraine, Candice Redding from South Africa and from India-  Tuhin Mehta, Paul and DJ Sa.

Paul:      Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Elton:    I have no idea. I believe that will depend on the amount of  effort and    hard work I put in.

Paul:      Who inspired you to get into the line of DJ?

Elton:    Its DJ Jop and all the other Indian DJ’s I have seen playing in  clubs   before I joined the music industry.

Paul:      Message to the upcoming DJ’s.

Elton:    Be dedicated to your work, because at the end of the day your  hard   work  will finally pay off, don’t cheat music  and please  respect the  other    artists.

Paul:      Any message to the IB readers?

Elton:    Dreams are possible.

Paul:      Thank you Elton, it’s been a privilege for me to conduct this  interview.

Elton:    Thanks to you too. Paul I look forward for “Imagination Breathing” to  inspire more people and others to keep  writing  their inspiring stories.


With Gratitude:

Paul Fernandes.


Imagination Breathing.

(Inspiring Lives)


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