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Sometimes external situations in life may push you to pick up a job that you dont enjoy or it will push you to take risk, be creative, innovative and do the things you always wanted to do and earn your living from it.

But, why wait for external situations in life to decide your destiny? Ya, I understand- fear of failure, people’s judging opinions are all part of not having confidence to take the risk and doing something that you love. Irony is that people will judge you anyways, then why not do the things you love and then allow people to judge you and make opinions about you…

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Let me help you out, just answer these two questions to yourself.

1. What do you really enjoy doing and you won’t mind doing it for the rest of your life?

2. What is the only job you would do if your life depended on it?

Paul Fernandes

Tell your story to the world and be a part of this Global platform.

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This is what drives me out of bed every morning. I always wanted to make my mark in this world and when you realise that your work is viewed in so many countries listed above, the feeling is unfathomable. I am grateful to all the people who have written for “imagination breathing”. I still remember the day vividly how I wrote my first post knowing nothing about the blogging world and today “imagination breathing” has been a platform for writers, entrepreneurs, adventurist, artists, social activists etc etc and continues to inspire thousands of lives around the world. Just want to say thank you to all those who believed in me and thanks to those who laughed at my ideas because you’ll helped me to work hard and persevere. Without you’ll this success would have not been possible. And to all those out there having big dreams and ideas, your dreams are never too small, you just have to DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

Thank you WordPress for the stats, you have made me and all those who contributed their articles on Imagination Breathing, SMILE.

If you too want to be part of this venture for inspiring lives, if you want me to cover your story or if you know anyone whose story is worth sharing on a global platform, kindly write to me at paulib005@gmail.com

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Best wishes,

Paul Fernandes
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Mic Check! with Alfie

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A warm Hello to all Masters of Ceremony and Anchors, present and future. Here are a few thoughts based on 20 years of experience in this field.

1. WHAT ~ WHEN ~ WHERE ~ WHY : Try and find comprehensive answers to these questions vis-à-vis your event, or people might soon start asking HOW did he get this gig. In this digital age, information is freely available. Know the Event, know the Acts, know the Timeline.

2. TOMATO IS A FRUIT : Knowing that is knowledge … NOT putting tomatoes in a fruit salad is Wisdom!(Miles Kingdon). MC is not paid to show off his knowledge! Use your phrases in phases … You’re an Anchor not a stand-up comic. 

3. MIDDLE FINGER OR THUMB : Both stand out but only one makes a statement! Dress smart, dress appropriate (Corporate dress codes).  Choose Comfort over Style! If your Gucci loafers are killing your feet it will show in your performance and if your pant is too tight, it squeezes your breath among other things!

4. ONE IN A BILLION : From among the 109 billion that have walked the earth … There is no one with your fingerprints! You are Unique … Let it show! Develop your own style of introducing and signing off. Whoever said, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” probably borrowed the quote and lacked self confidence!

5. LOVE ~ LAUGH ~ LIVE : If you do not love being an MC and are not enjoying your performance … You are not living the dream! “Talk a little but Read a lot, Cry a little and Laugh a lot, Play a little but Work a lot and Hope a little but Pray a lot” #AlfieSaidItFirst 

Hope is a good thing- Diyatom Deb shares his life journey.

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Listening to music started very early in my life. I think the song ‘Papa Kehte hain’ started it all for me when I was may be 6-7 years old. A few years later my mother got me into Indian Classical music. I did that for a couple of years but eventually studies took over and I did not continue with it. 

Music came back to life when I went to Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology where I went to persue my engineering. I remember the first day when I got there, I heard someone was playing Micheal Learns to Rock and it felt really good. I felt closer to Shillong. But till then I was just singing for a few friends in my room. Things took a huge turn when one day a friend of mine dragged me to this vocal audition for one of the events in college. They really liked the song and my voice and after a few days I sang in front of people for the first time. It is a moment that will forever stay with me. The appreciation I got was so overwhelming. That was the moment I kind of realised that there is something special I discovered in myself and I have never looked back since then.

My family has been very supportive in whatever I do and did in my life so far. Now that I am a full time musician, they are really very happy and are supporting me from the core of their hearts. My wife was the one who gave me the confidence to quit my job and follow my passion . So yes, it’s been really really good to have a family like that.

When I first started, I was out and out a retro Hindi Singer. Kishore Kumar till date is my biggest influence. But in College, I saw my first Rock Show and it changed my life forever.     This band called Parikrama came to our college and watching them I almost lost it. It was an experience that cannot be described in words. Somehow, I wanted to sing western songs after that. But it wasn’t easy at all. I auditioned for our college band and failed miserably. The diction, power, connection were all missing. But I persevered and eventually got to sing in the battle of bands on my last year of college. Till date, nothing felt better than that. But the struggle was immense as it was a completely new thing for me. Today I am singing on TV and I feel that perseverance was so important.

I feel that everyone should try and make their passion their profession. I know it’s easier said than done but if you work hard, you will reach a point in life, where you are really happy and contended. I like singing because I connect with so many people and the fact that I have found a way to connect with so many people, both in India and abroad, is mind boggling. I am very fortunate that I discovered music in me. I think I will die a happy man.

One of the most significant achievement is that I am amongst the top 11 contestants on the third season of Stage 3. It’s the first ever English Singing competition in India. I am totally honoured to be a part of this group. 

When it comes to significant things in my life, one of them is definitely getting married to my wife. She has literally changed my life around. Well as I have said earlier, she is the one who convinced me to quit my job and persue music. So she plays the most important role.

Another significant moment was when I got a call from Sushant Thakur, the lead guitar player for a Delhi based blues/rock band called Big Bang Blues. He asked me to join as they were looking for a vocalist. I am now a part of the band and it’s been an absolute joy ride.

I think it’s imperative that one enjoys what one does for a living. I know it’s easier said than done, but we really need to question ourselves during teenage as to what is it we want to do. If one is lucky, you get the answer. However , that is only the start . Specially if one decides to be a musician, it’s a bumpy ride all the way through. So keeping focus and enjoying the journey is how I think one can excel. We need to be sincere but not very serious.

I will be brutally honest. Independent music, specially western music, has very little money in it for you to survive. So the perseverance in it becomes all the more important. But music is a beautiful thing and if you truly believe in it, you will be happy for the rest of your life. Do not pretend to be someone else. Bring out the music that comes from your heart and please just focus on original music because at the end, that is what really matters. 

Always remember – Hope is a good thing.

Diyatom Deb

Interview with Shillong’s rising DJ – Elton Pato. By: Paul Fernandes.

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elton2 Elton Phankon.

elton dj

Interview with Shillong’s rising DJ- Elton Pato.                        By Paul Fernandes.

 Paul:       Hello Elton, Can you introduce yourself to the readers of  “Imagination  Breathing” before we begin with the  Interview?

Elton:   I am Elton Phankon and my stage name is Elton Pato. I am from a  beautiful place named Shillong, which is in the North Eastern part of India. I joined the dance music industry when I was 18  years old. Shillong has produced a lot of good DJ’s like Jop, Arpan, Sev and  Larry. They have been a great inspiration to  me. My first ever  professional “GIG”was   “Terramayaa” in   Guwahati, Assam where I  opened for  India’s     No 1, hip hop DJ   at the age of 19. After that I met  Jop Tiewsoh  who is a       mentor   and a teacher to me. He brought me up  in  this  line of DJ-ing  to  who I am today. I owe him a lot.

Paul:      Tell us something you like to do other than DJ-ing?

Elton:    I am currently doing my studies in St.Edmund’s college, Shillong.  I am  a  crazy football fan, I organize club events  and I try to promote other DJ’s too.

Paul:      How do you balance your time between studies and DJ-ing?

Elton:     All DJ events are late nights, sometime I come home at 4am and I have college at 7 am. I try my best to be on time and  balance my academic life.

Paul:      As you are aware, so far “Imagination Breathing” has been  viewed in 92  countries, so what was your feeling when I  approached you for an interview?

Elton:    Couldn’t have a better feeling…I have no words to express how amazing  I felt.

Paul:      What was your parent’s reaction as you were venturing into the  line of   DJ-ing at the early age of 18?

Elton:    In the beginning it was difficult. My parents did not accept of  me being  a DJ, because they felt that I may get into  narcotics. As time passed  they saw that I was taking   responsibility for my life and financially I was  less dependent  on them. Above all I have stayed sober up until  now. This is my  dream and whatever I do, I do it for the love of music.

Paul:      Any big DJ’s that you have shared the stage with?

Elton:    I have shared stage with Anil Chawla from U.K, Katya Tsaryova   from  Ukraine, Candice Redding from South Africa and from India-  Tuhin Mehta, Paul and DJ Sa.

Paul:      Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Elton:    I have no idea. I believe that will depend on the amount of  effort and    hard work I put in.

Paul:      Who inspired you to get into the line of DJ?

Elton:    Its DJ Jop and all the other Indian DJ’s I have seen playing in  clubs   before I joined the music industry.

Paul:      Message to the upcoming DJ’s.

Elton:    Be dedicated to your work, because at the end of the day your  hard   work  will finally pay off, don’t cheat music  and please  respect the  other    artists.

Paul:      Any message to the IB readers?

Elton:    Dreams are possible.

Paul:      Thank you Elton, it’s been a privilege for me to conduct this  interview.

Elton:    Thanks to you too. Paul I look forward for “Imagination Breathing” to  inspire more people and others to keep  writing  their inspiring stories.


With Gratitude:

Paul Fernandes.


Imagination Breathing.

(Inspiring Lives)