“Time” says your past is gone. by Paul Fernandes

oscar  Paul Fernandes.

 “Time”  says your past is gone.   


If “Time” was in the form of a person

And you see it passing by you

Some time gently and some time quick

And you say to it carry on.


One day you fall in love with this “Time”

And like all other things, it’s hard to leg go

Something that you love, very much.


It stays with you, possesses you and never let’s you go

You argue with it, just like all lovers do

And one day , when you sit wiping your tears of joy or pain

“Time” is always there with you.


This person of “Time” says to us, your past is gone

And you don’t know about the future

All you have is the present

Which you wouldn’t like it to be gone.


It comes and it goes

What you do with it in the present is all

that matters to each one of us.



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