Imagination – A gift to cherish

fountain pen on black lined paper

Photo by Aaron Burden @aardonburden

Every night I think about what can I write? Writing is something that I love, it’s not only my hobby but also my passion. So here is a thought that I would like to share with you all, and I hope in the end you too will be inspired.

Do you know where writers get their passion from? Do you know how they get inspired to write books? Do you know how they write amazing and extra ordinary books?  I kept thinking about this the whole night and here are the answers that I found. Writers get their passion from their daily lives. From a wooden spoon to a massive, gigantic cupboard.

Now you will think, how can a spoon give us passion? But using ones creativity, experience and knowledge we can write end number of things.

It’s not a pen or pencil if that’s what you are thinking, it’s your creativity. Creativity to imagine, to dream and write them down on paper. It’s your imagination that will make you think about things that you never thought about.

Like I was saying, anything can inspire you. Be it a broom stick or a bed sheet. Well I know you must be laughing and so let’s try this, for instance, Emma opened her closet. She gasped. Inside it she saw…………. The clothes from the closet were walking out!!! But she managed to get her…….. On seeing it she had a sigh of relief……

Now imagine what must have happened, what did she managed to get. You will wonder about your imagination and creativity. Write about what you imagined at first when you read about Emma. Well let your mind flow in the direction it wants too. At times we might not be aware but we might have the best imagination power. A power that can make us think, that can make us write.

We all know our stories; we just need to pen them down on paper. Stories can be of anything- fantasy, drama, mystery, thriller, comedy, tragic anything. Everyone is a writer. We just need to unleash the potential inside us. Write about things that confuse you, make you happy, make you sad, and inspire you and much more.

Well just look around for things that encourage you or inspire you that have made a difference in your life.

Life is a story in itself. It’s a story with every chapter adding flavours to your life. Whatever it is, towards the end it makes life beautiful. Just like food is tasty when some outside ingredients are added, in the same way a beautiful story at times can be written by going on a journey somewhere outside one owns life.

           This thought made me imagine about a writers passion and I ended up writing this article. Truly imagination is a gift for a writer and to everyone. We need to use it in a right direction..

Image Insha Hamid (Edited by Rimma Quadros)


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