What Will Thankful Be Like In 100 Years?

Our lives are controlled by the voice of “Siri”, “Ok Google”, “Alexa” etc… and habit of saying thank you to an artificial intelligence has increased, compare to saying thank you to the person in front of us.
What will “Thank you” word be like in 100 years? In a world where we don’t remember 10 phone numbers by-heart, because we depend so much on technology to remind us. (take a test for yourself, do you remember at list 5 phone numbers by-heart?) We even have automated thank you messages which can be sent out to hundreds of people at a click of a button.
I love technology and I depend a lot on it and I am thankful for it for making our life easy. But let us not forget that this technology was invented by humans. Challenge for today is to say “Thank You” in person to at list 5 people who render their services to you.
So, we can pretty well know what “Thankful” will look like in 100 years.

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