“The identity of a student…” by: Prof. Barry K Rymbai (Shillong, India)


sir barry  Assistant Professor      Barry K Rymbai. Department of History. (St.Edmund’s College.Shillong,India)

  “The identity of a student…”  

“Take care of the small things and the rest will follow”.

                   First and foremost I would like to congratulate the successful candidates who have got their academic results in their respective states. But there is something far more important than just securing a position in an examination.  We have to remember and realise that for every one position holder there are many students who have also achieved their goal albeit their name might not appear in the merit list. More importantly we also should spare a thought for those students who did not make it. Please remember that there could not be a Mahatma Gandhi without the numerous nameless faces that made it possible for him to do what he did and that is true for every great leader of this world. With that in mind let us celebrate the success of students who have got positions without forgetting the many students who have also conquered their own challenges. While marks are important in a country like India , they are not the true reflection of what makes a student. May God bless us all.

Thank you:

Barry K Rymbai.

Assistant Professor, Department of History. (St.Edmund’s College.Shillong,India)

“Eternal Heroes”. by :Andrew Thabah. Shillong,India.


IMG_1468  Andrew Banbhalang Thabah, Shillong,India.


In the stillness of silence, I pondered

What are the great lives made of?

Doth they possess extraordinary strength-

Innate, acquired or divine intervention?

Luther, Gandhi and Teresa we know,

Ye noble life for all to see;

Immortalized deeds in the sands of time,

Cemented eternally in the earth’s folklore.

The narrow path of struggled and pain;

They have travelled, they have been through;

Easing the pangs of the grief stricken

The poor, the needy, the downtrodden,

The sick, the heartless and the soul-less world.

A solace of sort for the unfortunate,

A smile they bring unto the brows;

The face that bore the scars of darkness;

The burning desire, the iron-willed,

The great substance of strong mettle;

Selflessly giving, selflessly serving

to end the misery of humanity.

Wondering how such lives are made of,

Of the ordinary and the Halo nature,

Touch the altitude of the endless sky

Their greatness stretch beyond horizon

The answer lies not in the rich and mighty-

But living and striving a life

Of great conviction and true humility

Of valor and of character

The greatest reward for all to see;

The ‘crown of greatness on thy forehead’

Forever there shall it be.




“The Monster within”, by: Abigail Mawrie, Shillong,India.

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  Abigail.T.Mawrie. Shillong,India.

“ The Monster Within”.

Did you believe in monsters when you were a child? Have you ever asked your parents to check under the bed or the closet? It’s normal to be afraid, especially if you were a child but I know even adults feel scared sometimes.

Their monster is different from the imaginary ones that we feared as children. If a house is haunted, a person would either move out or have it blessed. But what if it’s not the house that is haunted by a monster? What if the monster that you fear is living inside your head?NO…,I’m not talking about a “demonic possession”. I am talking about the abusive monster that echoes negative thoughts in your mind. The monster that turns you against yourself. That rips your self esteem into shreds.

This monster rented my mind once, well it was actually for five years but hey… who keeps the counts. Right?? I don’t know how it started and why it started but I know for sure that it was five years of chaotic hell. I was tortured by this monster, emotionally and mentally. It was such an awful time, it got so bad that it effected my physical well being.    It was a battle between me and this monster and I know I won’t let him win.

I felt so beaten, broken and lonely. The loneliness was the worst part. Feeling lonely when you are actually alone is one thing, but feeling lonely when you are with your friends and family : well I have to tell you, it is by far the worst feeling that I have ever felt during the short 20 years of my life. For a time being, the monster crippled me and as hard as I have to confess this…. He crushed my pride. It was only thing left in me but that too was contaminated by the negativities of the monster. I wanted it to end. Honestly speaking, I was ready to give up and to lay myself six feet beneath the earth. Some how, during the darkest moments of my life, reason touched me. It gave me some clarity. I love God, my family and friends. I cannot go out this way. I cannot let myself spiral down to selfishness. I’m going to fight one last fight. I will forgive myself for the physical harm that I inflicted on my body. I will pick myself up and face this monster. At that point, I realized that it’s time for me to take control of my mind and emotions. You must be wondering, from where did this hope and strength come from? Although quitting and surrendering to this monster seems so pleasing and temptation seems to seep into my heart so easily; But I knew I had to stand strong. I cannot let God down. He was the only one who understood. I have to admit, somedays I question him and his existence but I realized latter on, that he fought for me. That tiny silver lining that I clung on to was him all along. He gave me strength and courage to go through what I had to go through. God helped me a lot. He even sent angels to help me pass this horror like phase of my life.

This monster invaded my  mind and life to a point where I could not remember the feelings of happiness. At that point of time, I did not know what happiness is. Feeling hollow and melancholic seems so normal to me. The very tiny crumb of peace in my mind scared me. I was not use to it and this would make me sink lower and lower into the dark abyss that I created for myself. It was definitely a difficult time for me. I was shackled to this monster. He filled my mind with un-necessary guilt, anger, self hatred, low esteem, paranoia and self doubt. I could not escape him, not even in my dreams. I hated the fact that he made me fear sleeping and waking up. Well, in all honesty, it came from God’s grace. He gave me courage to face this monster and dance the final dance.

Today, I feel better. Yes, somedays are  still tough but that’s alright. I am here now, I am alive and breathing. I survived the torment of the monster who has caused the demised of so many. I fought long enough to finally see the light and joy of living again.

As strange as this may sound. I am grateful towards the monster. He though me to be more considerate and value the important things in life. In a way, the monster made me wiser and stronger. Infact, the monster brought me closer to God. This whole experience humbled me.

In the end, I shook hands with the monster and we parted our own ways. Finally I can breathe easy…..,   Helloo life….

Nature displaying its usefulness and beauty. by Sukanta Kalai, (Shillong,India)


Image Sukanta Kalai (Shillong, India)

Hi, I am Sukanta Kalai. I love doing photography, I am from North Eastern region of India, I mostly shoot nature because that  is what is available to me right now. I find beauty and inspiration in nature, which keeps me going. Photography is a strong medium of communication, which I believe is even more powerful than any language that exist on this planet and beyond if any. But in later times, I would like to do more  adventure and exploration. For more works of mine. please visit my 500px account or FB Page. www.facebook.com/ikalaisukanta,   www.500px.com/kalaisukantaphotography

Thank You.


Living Root Bridge. (Location : Mawlynong, Meghalaya -India)

Image   Sun Burst (Location: Shillong, India)

Pollinate.(Location: Wards Lake- Shillong,India) Image

To Nature, WE OWE OUR THANKSGIVING. by. Laiarisa Pakyntein. Shillong,India


Image Laiarisa Pakyntein.(St.Edmunds College,Shillong.NSS unit).

To Nature, We owe our Thanksgiving


Creation , Creation ,Creation ,

Oh! Majestically woven and made

Ripples of water resound with joy;

The leaves dance to the music played,

Sound of day fade away, stars begin to climb,

Melodies fill the breeze sweeter all the time.


An incomparable, wonderfully designed being,

Oh! How he made you delicately.

A soul so loved remains in his caring;

Humans, the lordship over creation,

Conferred freely.


The scepter of power over creations fallen in destruction

The value of animals we don’t understand

The sadness of Nature, how it is being treated by man.

From the tiniest ant to the big blue whale

From the fastest cheetah to the slowest snail.


We are doomed to the darkness of self righteousness,

Overshadowed by the pangs of modernisation

We maroon the living,

Slaughter them worthless.


Hear me oh nations, open your eyes

Repent and initiate

What the creator has made.


My Love for the natural world. By. Karen Lyndem.(St.Edmund’s college.NSS Unit)


ImageKaren Lyndem,(St.Edmunds College.NSS Unit).

My Love for the natural world.  

  The environment is a wonderful thing. Take a look around you, the people and the scenery. And you will find that the scenery is an extension of human feelings. When you feel lonely, the environment will act as your looking glass, to reflect what you feel. When you are content, the sun shines for you to enjoy, the rain pores down for you so that you can dance with it. A friend once told me that no matter how much joy and radiance a sunset seems to emit, there is always a tinge of the gloominess as it reflects, according to her, at this point of time which seems to hang from an abyss, a sense of regret. It is like probably sounding out some sense of the eleventh hour and the necessary yet unheeded need to save the ill-stricken planet.  On that context, I often wonder what the ecological eminent channels such as Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, Animal Planet and others would broadcast after say fifty years. Will it be,’ Saying good bye to the green world and many of their life forms?’ , Is it enough for us to pick up ONE please of plastic and throw it in the dustbin? I have often cursed such insidiously harmful an invention as the plastic, but I myself do it whilst wearing a plastic badge, plastic rimmed spectacles and holding other plastic paraphernalia that may not have occurred upon my conscience. But in order to change the system, we need to change ourselves first.

         I love to listen to my uncles’ jungle lores about their heydays with rivaled interest and a longing for the old times in which they grew up in. They tell me about the different species of animals they have encountered in their fishing trips or bird shootings. They also tell me about the expanse of forest during their time, how the water was so clean then that in one of the villages, once when Grandfather washed his hands, fishes thronged at the surface, thinking the movements were caused by their fallen preys. It’s a beautiful thing to go fishing. For those who have not been to any fishing trips, I recommend it. The sense of bonding with nature and serenity one gets out of it is one that I believe cannot be encompassed by any other activities at home. One forgets about all one’s worries and anxiety whilst fishing. Golf links once upon a time had streamlets gushing forth with water in the rainy seasons and my uncles also used to go fishing at the filled up ponds. Wahumkhrah used to be a famous river, known for its scenic beauty. Once a major pride of Shillong, it is now a major problem for the city’s cleanliness and sanitation. I was once sneered at for watering my gardens when there was a dry spell during the onset of spring. But somehow, watering the plants makes me feel like I am giving back to the earth a fraction of what it gives us. My aunt once told me that her elderly folks foretold them that one day, people would have to buy water. They found it unbelievable, almost hilarious. “Why would anyone buy water, it’s everywhere!” they exclaimed. And when she told me that one day, sunlight would have to be bought too, I knew better than to laugh. I just pray for that time not to come. It especially tugs my heart when my elders used to say, “We have such fond memories of this place, we would catch fish, there used to be a lot of trees, the water used to be so clean, but look at it now, it’s a dumping ground  …”. I love reading Jim Corbett’s stories. The crux of my passion for it lies in the fact that it talks of the simple life, when man and the natural world were one. And in this simple living, the goodness of human nature reigns.

             Why is it that human beings, when age takes it’s toll on them, crave for a quiet place, with space and fresh air? If it’s because their physical needs get bigger, then we can also say that their psychological needs grow in proportion too .And what if our generation did not have that sense of ‘homeliness’ to go to when we grow old? Would we die in desperation and regret? And what if our children do not get the chance to know what it feels like to play outside? I entreat all of us to walk down memory lane. Imagine the kid you, playing outside at the great outdoors, scratching your knees, riding your bike, sleeping on the mud, playing with insects, digging holes, pulling out grasses. How would we feel if our children do not get to grow up as every child should? If thinking about it is tough, imagine yourself actually perceiving it with your own eyes.