How 5 days of limited internet access made me find myself.

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This summer vacation I was in an offgrid hilly area of Munnar in Kerala. Where internet and phone network was not always available.. First I was restless without it and then after sometime it became depressing… I was so used to the constant messages and notifications, that it felt very abnormal not to get all of that.. But gradually I began to watch and listen more to the surrounding noises and a deep sense of tranquility engulfed me. I felt happier, calmer and much more creative…Sometimes just going off grid or at list with limited internet access and network can help you find yourself….
I have done it and looking forward to try it again. You will never know how good it feels if you never try. I do not promise instant bliss, especially if you are an internet addict, but after sometime you will feel better and happier. So, which off grid location are you planning of go?

Beauty of “Sun rise” and “Sun set”. Location: Goa (Photography) by:Paul Fernandes.

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“The first act of awe,when man was struck with the beauty or wonder of Nature,was the first spiritual experience”. . Henryk Skolimowsk.

1157616_520506321352749_115567021_n (1) Paul Fernandes.


Earth,Air,Fire,Water -blending together. (Sun rise)

WP_20140106_003 (Location :Goa, India.  Device used: Nokia Lumia.)


“Beauty in Serenity”(sun set)

WP_20140428_048 (Location: Goa,India.Device used: Nokia Lumia)

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Paul Fernandes.


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