You are a LION and you are meant to ROAR!

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You are not born for the ordinary. You are born to go beyond. Beyond boundaries, beyond your own restrictions, beyond your own comfort. You are meant to break the shackles of your fear.You are meant to be great. Coz you can. At times you may feel you are nothing, that you can do nothing, I do feel that too. There is this strange fear of failure, of being embarrassed, of being ashamed, of regret and failure.

You will struggle, we all do, its fine, its ok, its part of a long journey. That fear will be there, it will grow, it will grow on you even more, that fear of not being able to achieve everything, that life will not be enough to achieve everything you ever want. But that’s ok, life is a learning journey, you will get somethings, some will be a struggle, but at the end wouldn’t it all be worth living. “Life happens” and yours will happen too.

You will make it to the top, you will some day, some day soon. Keep hoping, keep working, keep struggling, coz that struggle is life.. that struggle is “Life Happening”. Fight for it, make it a struggle worth fighting, coz you are a Lion and you are meant to ROAR!


– (anonymous )

Nature displaying its usefulness and beauty. by Sukanta Kalai, (Shillong,India)


Image Sukanta Kalai (Shillong, India)

Hi, I am Sukanta Kalai. I love doing photography, I am from North Eastern region of India, I mostly shoot nature because that  is what is available to me right now. I find beauty and inspiration in nature, which keeps me going. Photography is a strong medium of communication, which I believe is even more powerful than any language that exist on this planet and beyond if any. But in later times, I would like to do more  adventure and exploration. For more works of mine. please visit my 500px account or FB Page.,

Thank You.


Living Root Bridge. (Location : Mawlynong, Meghalaya -India)

Image   Sun Burst (Location: Shillong, India)

Pollinate.(Location: Wards Lake- Shillong,India) Image

The Night Light. by Nekanne Ercilla,mcj- SPAIN.


ImageNekanne Ercilla, mcj-  Spain.(submitted by Maria,mcj)



The Night Light. 

And then she saw the light

The light that went through all the windows of her life.

She saw that the pain precipitated the flight

And she understood that there was no longer death.


Death is only to die. Death is finished.

Dying is fugitive pyre.

It is to cross a door drift.

And to find what one was looking for.


To stop crying and ask question;

To see love without puzzles or mirrors;

You rest living in tenderness;

To have peace, light, the house together

And to find, leaving the pain away,

The night – light after so much dark night


Nekanne Ercilla – Spain