Mic Check! with Alfie

A warm Hello to all Masters of Ceremony and Anchors, present and future. Here are a few thoughts based on 20 years of experience in this field. 1. WHAT ~ WHEN ~ WHERE ~ WHY : Try and find comprehensive answers to these questions vis-à-vis your event, or people might soon start asking HOW did […]

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Beauty of "Sun rise" and "Sun set".

“The first act of awe,when man was struck with the beauty or wonder of Nature,was the first spiritual experience”. . Henryk Skolimowsk. Earth,Air,Fire,Water -blending together. (Sun rise)  (Location :Goa, India.  Device used: Nokia Lumia.) “Beauty in Serenity”(sun set)  (Location: Goa,India.Device used: Nokia Lumia) Thank you: Love: Paul Fernandes.

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