Dream like your life depends on it..

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Photo by Bethany Legg

Sometimes external situations in life may push you to pick up a job that you dont enjoy or it will push you to take risk, be creative, innovative and do the things you always wanted to do and earn your living from it.

But, why wait for external situations in life to decide your destiny? Ya, I understand- fear of failure, people’s judging opinions are all part of not having confidence to take the risk and doing something that you love. Irony is that people will judge you anyways, then why not do the things you love and then allow people to judge you and make opinions about you…

Photo by Jordan Whitfield

Let me help you out, just answer these two questions to yourself.

1. What do you really enjoy doing and you won’t mind doing it for the rest of your life?

2. What is the only job you would do if your life depended on it?

Paul Fernandes

Who says you need to be perfect to look great. by: Rittika Paul (Shillong, India)


Who says you need to be perfect to look  great.                

   by: Rittika Paul                                    

Rittika SS-who says u need 2b perfect to look gr8  

Nature displaying its usefulness and beauty. by Sukanta Kalai, (Shillong,India)


Image Sukanta Kalai (Shillong, India)

Hi, I am Sukanta Kalai. I love doing photography, I am from North Eastern region of India, I mostly shoot nature because that  is what is available to me right now. I find beauty and inspiration in nature, which keeps me going. Photography is a strong medium of communication, which I believe is even more powerful than any language that exist on this planet and beyond if any. But in later times, I would like to do more  adventure and exploration. For more works of mine. please visit my 500px account or FB Page. www.facebook.com/ikalaisukanta,   www.500px.com/kalaisukantaphotography

Thank You.


Living Root Bridge. (Location : Mawlynong, Meghalaya -India)

Image   Sun Burst (Location: Shillong, India)

Pollinate.(Location: Wards Lake- Shillong,India) Image