A tribute to the change makers. By. Chitsiaro Po. Kohima, Nagaland


“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
– Henry Brooks Adams 

Today, on this auspicious occasion, I remember all my teachers. Although I cannot wish each and everyone of them personally, I pray to God to bless them abundantly.

As I write this small piece, a wave of nostalgia hit me and I can’t help feeling emotional, remembering all the wonderful teachers I came across in life. I was always blessed with the most inspiring and loving teachers. Yes, God has been kind. I want to thank my teachers from high school, higher secondary and of course my teachers from college. All of your contributions in my life has been tremendous and for that you have my eternal gratitude.

I graduated from college this year and I am missing my college teachers so much. So, I want to dedicate this piece especially to them.

Thank you my beloved teachers for not confining your teachings only to help me get through academic exams but also to get me through life. You taught me how to be a better person, to be forgiving and accepting. Thank you, my dear mentors for pushing me to be the best version of myself.
You not only taught me the constitutions, the concepts of democracy, rights, liberties etc, but also the principles of life. You helped me exercise my rights and gave me the freedom to explore the world beyond classrooms and books.

Not only did i learn about the major historical events that led to the world today, but  I also  learnt to take lessons from my past mistakes to built a better future.

You taught me what society is, its complexities, human relationships and most importantly  how to live as responsible members in this web of relationships. With your teachings of poems and plays, you infused in me the love of literature.

Loving teachers, you believed in me even when I couldn’t believe in myself. You saw what I could become and drove me to see that too. You gently corrected my mistakes, the error of my ways and with kind words, you helped me overcome my fears. It was because of your encouragement and love that I believe in myself today, in my abilities and my potentiality.

I have nothing to give you back, only my prayers and best wishes for you, and a promise to hold dear your teachings in my heart till the day i breath my last. I wish I could write an eloquent piece, a masterpiece, to honour you but though its not an epic one, it’s from my grateful heart. I hope that it will reach you,  dear teachers,  and remind you of that crazy girl who was and will always be your student. I hope it will bring a smile on your faces.

Happy teachers’ day to all my amazing teachers. I love you. God bless you.

*wipes the tears and smile*

Not So Brilliant Advice




It makes me nerves writing a post now a days. I read books of professional thinkers, listen to podcast of the intellectual elite, and read tweets from almost famous people. How can I compete? I can’t, so I won’t, but what I do have, and what you have is whoever you are. I use my deep thoughts, my observations, mistakes and shortcomings as a stepping stool towards doing something I can give to the world. I see the impossible become possible every day. I create something out of an idea, and from my idea package it into a bottle of inspiration that I sign over to my audience. I know most people won’t bother to pay attention but its the one person who is listening that I speak to. Like now, I have your eye contact.

I’ve said many times; work hard, be on time, and learn from your mistakes..what I would like to add to this…

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Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam – WE SALUTE YOU. By: Paul Fernandes.



Your words will always remain with us .

  1. Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.
  2.  Let me define a leader. He must have vision and passion and not be afraid of any problem.      Instead, he should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with integrity.
  3.  You see, God helps only people who work hard. That principle is very clear.
  4. While children are struggling to be unique, the world around them is trying all means to make them look like everybody else.
  5. The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation.

Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam  –  WE ALL SALUTE YOU.


Paul Fernandes


Imagination Breathing (Inspiring Lives).

DO NOT HONK. -“Stop annoying me”.


DO NOT HONK. -“Stop annoying me”.

With ever growing vehicles on the streets of India it’s time for realization that “Your patience can reduce Noise Pollution”. Many a times we notice that we “Honk” unnecessarily. With this in mind the students of St. Edmund’s College, Shillong (Upasna, Sutanuka, Vitoka and Macfarlane) decided to spread awareness among the masses by doing a short video on “Do Not Honk”(Courtesy- Ravi Kalra- The Earth Saviours Foundation). It was a privilege for me to direct this video. This is also the first video on the You Tube channel of Imagination Breathing.

Let’s continue to Inspire Lives by our efforts.

Thank You.

Paul Fernandes


Imagination Breathing.

(Inspiring Lives).

Sojourner’s Struggle. by: Dennis Hrangchal. Manipur, India.

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altAhQQG-ZBEkUlkTP4KuwFRM8rkWHKkkxRnBrPsQYZTBdI   Dennis Lallienzuol  Hrangchal.

Sojourner’s Struggle.

I am a free child bound in chains,
I was marked with a taboo.
Imprisoning me into the dungeon of fear and loneliness;
Where enemies crawl like the shadows of the dark.
A fathom that behold me
I was just a struggling sojourner.
Into memory lanes I searched myself,
Where people hizzed deceitful words that ached;
I was framed into the hall of shame.
Living in shades, I wondered
There are three shades of myself,
The third shade the scariest,
The shade that I kept to myself.
But there is a flame filled with indomitable spirit,
Reaching out as free as I will.
Living without envies and enemies
Living with steps well understood.
I shall break these chains of silence,
I shall break the alters of mankind’s orthodoxy;
Rubbing away the dunes of hatred and deceit,
Blowing down the phobic pillars strengthened by false conservation;
Killing the feudal thoughts.
And, I shall roam as a child,
Free as the wind.
I shall roam to the last of myself enduring my ideals,
Leaving behind the snide remarks.
As free I will be, and I shall see
My dearest Sojourning life the way I dreamt of.

Living Life Without Regret: 3 Secrets From Research


2014 in review.


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 15,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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This year – Write your own story. By: Paul Fernandes.

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1157616_520506321352749_115567021_n (1) Paul Fernandes.

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can”.  Neil Gaiman.

 This year – Write your own story.  

New years greetings from Goa.

May you create peace, joy and love in your life and in the lives of other people. May you  grow in grace. May you find clear vision for your life. May you be optimistic about life. May you be humble. May you feel safe in the company you keep. Trust in your ability and trust in the God you believe in.  May you make this year count. May there be smile on your face and may you give this smile to others. May all who come across your way have a better day because they saw you.


Love and best wishes.

Paul Fernandes


Imagination Breathing.

Thank you – 2014. by: Paul Fernandes.


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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”– Andre Gide

Hello friends,

Imagination Breathing says Goodbye to year 2014.  Let’s only carry with us some good memories and the lessons we have learnt in 2014.

Best Wishes:

Paul Fernandes


Imagination Breathing.

Onto the Next Horizon. by: Matti War. New Delhi, India.

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1398495_740019682692012_1067980546_o  Matti War. 

Onto the Next Horizon

Yesterday was the last day of my exams and it was a relief. Four days of back to back papers and term papers makes every exam I’ve appeared for so far, look like a walk in the park. Add to that an ill-timed attack of the cold and cough and I was effectively hindered. Not a good semester for me, it seemed. The last paper was quite tricky. If there was one thing I’d learnt ever since arriving at the university I’m in now, it’s that one should never think that they know enough about anything. I still find that I am quite ignorant about the world around me, where everything is cutthroat. And for someone who came from a different world, it was a bit of a nasty shock.

Today, my friend and I decided to go for a morning walk to clear our heads after nights of feverish reading and preparations. I found it a spooky experience, as we walked along the pathways I thought I knew like the back of my hand. Throughout my stay, I had only seen the place flooded with sunlight, soaked in rain or coloured with dusk; never have I seen it shrouded in stillness so eerie and peaceful at the same time. The paths which branched out in different directions receded into the inky shadows and the darkness seemed capable of swallowing anything that walked into it. I am ashamed to say that though I have never been one who endorses in beliefs of ghosts, spirits and whatever that’s associated with a life beyond the grave, that moment made me hyper-aware of my surroundings. The slight crackling of a leaf getting stepped on, the whoosh of a breeze teasing the foliage, distant footsteps that reverberated in the ground; every single sound or movement made me glance over my shoulder one too many times. Even my friend’s assurances that there was nothing to be afraid so did little to soothe my paranoia. However, the sky started to lighten up, the midnight blue softened to lighter shades as we walked together in companionable silence. When we reached the hostel, we agreed to stay for the sunrise as well. No use going back to sleep when in an hour’s time, we’d be getting breakfast.

The horizon blushed orange when we reached the rooftop. Breathtakingly beautiful and calming! And I realized that it was the perfect way to begin the ending of the 2014 chapter of our lives. I have been struggling with feelings of insecurity and uncertainty for quite some time and it showed in my inability to work on anything I had planned to accomplish. But that simple moment made me realize that it doesn’t matter at all. That’s not how one should live. Not by regretting, or looking back with hopes that we will somehow end up in some place we wanted to be but couldn’t. Not by thinking that it’s impossible to change what had transpired so far and resigning ourselves to simply living. By not getting discouraged when we’re at the lowest point of our lives but knowing that it always gets better as we go.

A year ago, I was reluctant to open myself to new experiences and I was craving for the familiar faces, sights and smells. Now, I realize that my life is going to go through its cycle of change in a few months’ time. Everything is transient yet we are hardly aware of it. I have friends who are going through the exact same motions I went through some time ago. I know that it’ll get better for all of them, the same way it got better for me. For me, the place I had felt out-of-place initially is now a second home to me. Leaving it would mean leaving all the kind people I have encountered but they will remain. In their own small way, they have left their impressions on me, postcards that I treasure in my heart.

And so, as I watched the horizon emit a stronger glow, I felt a secure sense of security in life that I know is going to help me in the days to come. Yes, there’ll be moments of darkness where I’ll have to find my way, stumbling in the dark. But there will be good times as well. An occasional helping hand, a small act of kindness from some stranger that I will encounter in future, as I keep moving on. And in time, it will be me who is going to be that kind stranger to some other lost soul. We keep taking and giving as we move on and we take each and every precious moments of happiness and keep them close to our hearts for inspiration.

And that’s the purpose of a journey, isn’t it?

Celebrating 100 countries. by: Paul Fernandes.

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“Imagination Breathing” has been viewed in 100 countries, with over 14,100 hits/views as off  28th November 2014. Thank you to those who have contributed their articles, poetries and photographs. I am also grateful to all those people who have taken time to view my site.  For last one month I was not able to blog regularly due to my academic commitments. All I have to say now, to the viewers of Imagination Breathing is “ I am back again”.

Thank you for your constant support and encouragement.  I am reminded of the words said by Kobe Bryant- ” The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do”.


Best wishes:


Paul Fernandes


Imagination Breathing (Inspiring Lives)

“Your insight may be just what someone else needs to have a breakthrough”







Voice of Nature. by: Raka Agitok. Shillong, India.

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IMG-20141122-WA0002  Raka  Agitok.

Voice  of  Nature.

                 My nightmares are not filled with monsters from horror movies, but with reality that we’ll soon face if we do not put an end to this global environmental mess we are in. The consequences will be unfathomable. Do not ponder much on the natural disasters that are devastating certain parts of our planet or on the anthropogenic activities that are preparing Nature’s funeral. Unless we take a step, our thoughts will rot in our mind. Let the ethics of solidarity blossom in the conscience of every individual and let us conduct our everyday life in an Eco-friendly manner.

Let us not leave carbon footprints wherever we go. To err is human. But let our benevolent qualities be seen in the decisions we make. Let us be the voice of Mother Nature. Let us not be among the silent spectators and let us not tolerate those who are muffling the voice of Mother Nature. Let us act before it’s too late. I hope we are not too late already. Nature is calling for a hero.  She is at the limits of her carrying capacity. Her calls are directed towards everyone and not against anyone. Nature is kind and compassionate but her force can trigger the extinction of human race. So let us unite and be the voice of Nature before she unleashes her wrath on this incorrigible world.

Thank You.

Raka Agitok


How do you want to be remembered? by: Paul Fernandes

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1157616_520506321352749_115567021_n (1) Paul Fernandes.

How do you want to be remembered?

A question that has been lingering in my mind is, how do I want to be remembered?  I like what Steve Jobs once said “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today.” This quote has been stuck in my head and every time I have to take a major decision in my life this quote plays back in my head.

So my friends of Imagination Breathing . Are you doing what you always wanted to do?  Are you living a life that you always wanted to live?

May be it’s about time to ask yourself – How do you want to be remembered?

Thank You.

Best Wishes:

Paul Fernandes.


Imagination Breathing(inspiring lives)

Once upon a time. By: Mebadaiaka M Kurkalang.

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Edited in Lumia Selfie  Mebadaiaka M Kurkalang.

Once upon a time, she wrote for her school magazine, as it was her last year over there, about her beloved one_of_a_kind friends who had stood with her all the way during her schooling years. She had attained quite an appreciation for her piece from them(friends) and as well as other people who thought she had the knack for writing. Because of these praises and encouragement she had gained, she thought of attempting a pursue in writing. She would come up with a number of stories which she thought would turn out into novels or sentences that rhymed into poems or lyrics for a song. But to her dismay, none seemed to work out. Either the contents don’t make sense or she loses  track.
She wondered as to why didn’t it work out the way she thought it would. Not yet disheartened, she wondered and pondered until one day she realized something – Passion.“Passion” said she “was what I had when I wrote of my friends”. She was passionate of what and whom she had written and it turned out to be a good reminder. And then she waited for something or someone who she would be passionate about to cross her mind if ever she should produce something, in this case, out of a pen.
As days went by, along the awaited passion, she experienced others experiencing moments that made her want to reflect upon so as to pen these down. Another realization took a shot at her-Inspiration. If writing is something that she wants to do, besides other activities on her daily life, then inspiration is also what she needs.
This gradually enlightened her small confused mind, that talent is what makes a person know what to do in whatever he does, but if passion and inspiration join the cruise, everything is at its best.

A Walk with John Abraham. by: Paul Fernandes.

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_DSC0005  John Abraham and Paul Fernandes. (15th oct  2014.)



Bollywood actor and co-owner of North East United FC  – John Abraham  interacts with the students of St. Edmund’s college,Shillong.

Couple of days  after his visit, I asked my friends what do they  remember from his visit besides taking his  photographs and autographs .  Most of them said – we remember his words when he said – ” Follow your dreams”.

There are people  among us who have followed their dreams and they are in a place where they always wanted to be. So today I leave you with a question –    if not us, then who? If not now, then when?   . 


Thank You.

Best Wishes:

Paul Fernandes.


Imagination Breathing.(inspiring lives)







Social Network – A ‘Boon’ or a ‘Bane’? By : Imran Choudhury. (Shillong,India)

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1380385_709127515783945_855913020_n   Imran  Choudhury.

Social Network – A ‘Boon’ or a ‘Bane’?  

I update my Facebook status before I sit for my final exams, I check-in every time I use the restroom. I post selfies with my new-born nephew even before he is picked up from the hospital and I judge my IQ based on the results of an online app. In short, I am a Facebook addict.

You can connect to old friends, remember birthdays, study, joke and do much more online. Facebook for me is about personal goals. I would be lost without my Facebook account.

Nowadays, social media plays an important role in teenagers’ life. The vast majority of teenagers in India are daily Facebook users. But does social media really have a positive impact on us? To me the answer is yes. For the vast majority of youngsters, the overall impact on social media has been positive. It of course helps us stay connected even if we are thousands of miles away, and thus strengthen relationships, it keeps us up to date with what’s going on around the world and so on.

As a teenager, it’s also very important to understand what’s going on around us rather than just knowing what’s going with friends. Nowadays we receive digital news from social media sites rather than turning on news channel or reading newspaper. 70% of us receive most of the news national or global we read or watch via Facebook, It’s amazing how fast news spread on social networking sites.

Just Giving, United Nations Aid, Asian Development Bank and World Health Organization widely use Facebook as a fund-raising channel. All one needs is an active Paypal account and a cause to get started. From advocating environmental concerns to women’s safety. Facebook’s social currency can easily be converted into social opportunity.

Facebook might have initially been invented for social purposes but its uses go far beyond just meeting new people today. From advice on scholarship interviews to tips on solving the GMAT, online student groups and forums discuss millions of topics each year.Some official university and campus groups even have special invite-only portals by way of which class notes, lectures, schedules and exam results can be shared and posted through Facebook.Topics often go beyond academics and many students seek personal counselling and relationship advice from like-minded people via Facebook’s many forums and pages.

But here is the BIG question- is Social Networking really a boon or a bane? Especially in the case of students and today’s generation. As my  teacher once said, we would probably be taking out our phone and send a ‘Hi!’ to a person thousands of miles away but won’t even greet the person sitting next to us. Social Network indeed brings people closer who’s literally far away but sometimes takes us far away from the people who’s literally near. Today we prefer to text or call a person rather than going to meet them. This sometimes increases the distance between the people and the device which was supposed to bring people close becomes the key factor that makes them un-social. In parties and get-togethers we are so lost in our phones that we don’t mix up with the people present.

No doubt social networking gives opportunity to interact with different people and make new friends across the world. But many are asking if the social networking sites are indeed being used for such productive reasons. The interaction with the family members, the concentration towards studies comes drastically down. Moreover so many youngsters are being lured by conmen and other shady individuals through these sites and this is leading to grave risk. A recent incident of an IIM student committing suicide after knowing about her boyfriend through a social networking site is a clear example of how extreme things can become.

At a time when facebook comments and posts are valid terms for divorce, it’s not uncommon to find wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends stalking each other online.

All one needs to do is create a fake username. While Facebook India business manager PavanVarma stresses that the company is making a huge effort to crack down on fake profiles, the fact remains that one’s privacy can easily be compromised online if one doesn’t understand online privacy options clearly. Very few youngsters care if third party apps can access their profile or not as they are yet to be made aware of the downside of disclosing their private details online.

We all know, excess of anything is bad. What initially started as tools for enhancing knowledge and to communicate has now become means of addiction for most of the youngsters today. Regular users have a tendency to stay in that virtual world  for a longer period of time than at the real world. This has made people lose their valuable time and energy beyond their conscious. This in turn takes a toll on the health of the users and also on their study/work performance.

Like every other technological marvel ever invented, the ultimate value of the social networks lies in hands of its users. But still we need to be cautious of what level of personal information we reveal.The experts are suggesting that using of social networking sites is not wrong but the way it is being used is important, we must be aware about the dos and don’ts . We must know the overall development activities instead of getting glued to the mobile phones and computers and spending precious time chatting all the time. So we students from our end must take initiative to find out how best such sites can be used. So folks, wake up and use technology as a boon and not a bane.

Thank You.