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Have you invested in yourself? by, Paul Fernandes


“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” -Warren Buffett

                Have you invested in yourself? When I ask you this question I don’t necessarily mean investing money or buying some material things. I am sure we have done a lot of that. Today when I ask you a question, have you invested in yourself? I want to ask you have you given time to yourself. Time Alone for yourself, time to go and eat something that you like, time to take a walk and feel the breeze on your face.  Here I want to emphasize on the word ALONE. It’s easy to drown our thoughts when we are with others. It’s comfortable to choose an easy way out, but taking time out and being alone requires courage and conviction. Tony Robbins in one of his interview with Oprah Winfrey made a statement that hit me profoundly he said and I quote “If you do not have 10 minutes for yourself, you don’t have life.”

               When I said take time out, I don’t mean to say go for a long trip, spend lots of money or sit in an erect position in the Himalayas. I ask you to take 10 to 20 minutes each day all for yourself, block out everything else. When it’s possible take a weekend off and    rejuvenate yourself. I believe that only when we fill ourselves with goodness and peace we can give peace and goodness to others.

 So make a commitment to make time for yourself.


Love and Best wishes,

Paul Fernandes
Imagination Breathing .com
(Inspiring lives)

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113 countries, 100 articles. – Paul Fernandes


I want to thank each one for making this journey possible. 100 quality articles is a big landmark. A special thanks to each contributor of the articles for believing in my venture for inspiring lives. Today when I see the site “Imagination Breathing. Com” viewed in 113 countries around the world. I feel proud of the decision I had taken and the sacrifices I made to start the website. As a child, I always wanted my name and work to be known around the world. Today when people from 113 countries are being touched by what I do. I feel happy and blessed. I wish to continue this journey with your support in the years to come.
I would like to thank the people from the following countries listed below who have viewed the site “Imagination Breathing. Com.”

India, United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Philippines, Canada, Portugal, Russia, Israel, Vietnam, Kenya, Germany, France, Argentina, Norway, Bangladesh, Qatar, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, China, Indonesia, Iran, European Union, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR China, Mexico, Thailand, Austria, Sweden, Greece, Papua New Guinea, Belgium, Rwanda, Oman, Lebanon, Bhutan, Ecuador, South Africa, South Korea, Ukraine, Cote D Lvoire, Chile, Pakistan, Malaysia, Malta, Algeria, Denmark, Romania, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Albania, Estonia, Mauritius, Angola, Bahrain, Bolivia, Uzbekistan, Liberia, Azerbaijan, Nicaragua, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Jamaica, Barbados, Kazakhstan, Trininda and Tobago, Tanzania, Finland, Georgia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zambia, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Puerto Rico, Tunisia, Iceland, Slovenia, Latvia, Fiji, Guatemala, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Mongolia, Brunei, Seychelles, Honduras, Cameroon, Reunion, U.S. Virgin Islands, Suriname, Cyprus, Belize, Mozambique.



With Gratitude,


Paul Fernandes
Founder and Editor-in-chief

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Coffee or Passion? by, Paul Fernandes



Finally the first draft of my book is ready, two and half years of tireless brain work and now it is here, right in front of me.  Few quotes/lines from the book are given below.

  1. “We lose ourselves in our pursuit to get someone to look at us the way we want them to.”

    2.  “I have felt a sense of hopelessness and nothingness.”

    3.  “At times we might not be aware but we might have the best imagination power.”

    4.  “Life may be shot and we must n0t take it for granted.”

    5.   “We must enjoy our uniqueness and individuality.” 

    6.   “Our mind can play nasty games with us, especially when we are alone.”

copyright- “Imagination”



With gratitude,


Paul Fernandes

Founder  and  Editor-in-chief

Imagination Breathing









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You always have a choice. By Kasturi, Assam.

p     Kasturi Sarma.

Things are not going, as you would have liked them to. All the things you planned just went – wait – you do not even know where they went! It seems like there is no way out and you are really sad and lost of all hopes and might even be thinking – ‘This is it. I am done. My life’s over.’ Then you think about the choices you made, the decisions you took, and tagging most of them in a negative sense.

Okay. Here is the thing – Some things happened and some things did not and you are feeling extremely low and feel like crying? Then do so. It is okay to let the tears flow out because it is a way of us, humans, expressing sadness. Accompany those tears with maybe a hug from the person close to you or food or shopping or with absolutely anything positive that would help you to feel less and less sad.

When I am one hundred percent sad, I hug my pillow and cry my heart out. I do end up with swollen eyes but also a calm heart. Moreover, since food is my most favourite thing, I cook a hearty meal or simply go out and gorge on burgers, ice creams, and chocolates.

Always remember – the choices you made and the decisions you took were exactly what you wanted at those moments in your life. They made you happy back then. This is why you should not regret it or be sad about it.

Nobody knows you better than yourself. So sit down, relax and take a step back, if need be, and then – THINK – CHOOSE – DECIDE.

In addition, if by any chance you think that you are done and your life might be over- well, let me tell you – it is not. However, it will be only if YOU will let it be over. Sure, it might seem like it but there is always another road which can be taken. Don’t you see one? Then carve it out and make one.

When something good happens, you rejoice. Therefore, it is only logical for you to be sad when something bad happens. Nevertheless, that’s no reason to feel incapable or inferior.

You do not delete a computer game just because you could not get across a level. Instead, try it over and over again, don’t you?

At the end of the day, it is always a matter of choice. Whether you choose to give up and fall or you choose to fight back and rise. Be wise, be strong and always be true to yourself.


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To or Not to. By Kasturi, Assam


Not all of us are bestowed with the best of everything. Being not-so-good in  a certain field(s) tends to make us feel inept. Seeing a fellow colleague do better – when you know you can do it too and for some reason you just need to but you fail – sometimes just hurts. I know. I know because I had gone through the same. Every one of us lack in one aspect or the other in life where we would love to excel or maybe develop ourselves, sometimes even desperately. But things don’t always go according to our plan, now do they? Life tends to happen to all of us and at times it hits us so hard that we are forced to take a step back and think… what now?

Being born in a patriarchal Assamese society in a Brahmin family with limited opportunities due to financial background, I have had to think twice before venturing out. But that hadn’t and would never stop me. I did complete my graduation and I am well on my way to pursue my Masters and possibly will become a 3-Masters and an M.Phil degree holder.
I never was the brightest of them all. I stumbled and fumbled along the way. That never stopped me. Instead I kept gaining experience in the process.

I still dream of spending my summers in Goa and my winters in Sikkim. I still dream of opening a book-cum-craft store and possibly a dessert bar of my own as books and food are the love of my life. They kept me going all these years (and hopefully will keep doing the same). While books gave me the all needed growth of my mind and broadened my horizons, food helped me cope with the oh-so-very emotional personality of mine. The one thing they both share in common – they keep me calm and helps me think straight.

Life will always come up with new challenges. It loves to push you to your limits, you know! And as easy it is to advice to not give up, it actually takes all of it from you to not give up for real.

Not giving up and moving forward has got its own perks. You can and know how to enjoy life and make moments special because you have worked hard for it. You know the value of appreciation and happiness because you have walked through dedication and sadness.

        Just like Ying and Yang , light and darkness – there always will be phases of ups and downs in life. The secret herein lies in not giving up. EVER.

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. –
“If you can’t fly, then run.
If you can’t run, then walk.
If you can’t walk, then crawl.
But whatever you do,
You have to keep moving forward.”

Kasturi Sarma.  Assam.

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“Oblivion.”     By Naisha Richmond. Shillong, India


Naisha Christine Richmond Tariang.


                        “Every piece is a vision I had. I’m just giving my vision life.”


2016-07-17 18.39.30.jpg


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“No dreams too big, No dreamer too small.” By Jeffrey Thomas. Shillong, India.

Facebook dp Jeffrey.

“No dreams  too big, No dreamer too small.”

No Dreams to big No dreamer too small.jpg








Focus And You Will Be Truly Successful

Vincent Vicari

Photo by Bench Accounting

Is it hard to focus and be creative? I find focusing on something, at times, very difficult. Oddly enough, the things I have trouble focusing on, tend to be the creative things. Ironic for sure, but I started thinking if I focused on one creative thought everyday, then I will be successful. I needed to develop a technique. So how did I do it?

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“CHOCOLATE – The best chapter of my life”. by: Joyla Fernandes. Goa, India.


“CHOCOLATE – The best chapter of my life”.

Getting a 3 months old puppy home from an animal shelter seemed just fun to me, I was a 12 years old girl then. Little did I know that this tiny little watchdog would turn out to be the most important part of my life.
“Chocolate”- that’s what we named him. As the name suggests he was a dark brown mix breed of a local and a boxer, he had beautiful yet fierce hazel eyes. He was like a combo of milk and chocolate – brown on top with a creamy white chest. His cute tail turned around like a question mark.
Chocolate soon filled my house with joy and laughter and as I grew up, I truly understood what it meant my unconditional love. We bonded very well. We played together for hours, sat around together, went for walks, he wasn’t just a dog to me, he was my companion . Though he couldn’t speak, I knew he could understand everything I said. I could share my worries, my sorrows with him and he would listen with those compassionate eyes towards me as if to speak a language  of its own. Somehow our souls connected so deeply. .
We grew up together, me and my buddy. From a tiny sweet little puppy Choco grew up to be a rough manly watch dog, fierce and strong and yet a gentle soul. I was so proud to have this beauty in my life. The way he would stand on our parapet, his chest so broad and wide – with pride and majesty. Unlike his sweet chocolaty name, his nature was that of strength and roughness. People passing by would tremble with fear at his sight, something I enjoyed watching. He was the ‘Don’ of my locality and nobody dared to stand before him. I wouldn’t be afraid to walk around late in the evenings with my Choco by my side as I knew nobody would dare harm me. His mighty presence assured me that I was safe.

Choco passed away on 31st of March 2015 after being around for 10 years, leaving a big gap in my life which no one can ever fill up. How I miss his loud voice, those eyes when he looked at me with all that love and understanding, his tail wagging with happiness at my sight, the joy in his eyes, when I returned back home. I miss his presence around me.
I just wish he could be with me forever and never leave my side. I have no words to express the pain I feel, something only a pet lover who has lost a pet would understand. Though it may be a common thing for all of us, each one knows how much it hurts.
He is one dog nobody will ever forget, He is still missed deeply by this heart.
“Chocolate” – that sweetness that has filled my heart lingers on”.


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My four- legged furry angel. by: Chitsiaro Po. Nagaland, India.





I remember the first time Jimmy was brought to me. She was a gift from my late uncle. From the very first moment we laid eyes on each other, we connected. My Jimmy baby made me believe in love at first sight.

Jimmy is a white Pomeranian, wide innocent eyes , cutest shiny nose and excited tail. She looked at me curiously and instantly saw my lonely soul. The first night, I laid out a nice soft blanket for Jimmy to sleep. But she refused to sleep there. She was scared and perhaps a little confused, being away from her mom and siblings and in a strange place. But she was trusting and willing to give all the love she had. She was tiny then but with all her strength she jumped up on my bed, licked my face and slept next to me. That night I had one of the most peaceful sleep ever.

Being the only child, there was this loneliness and sadness that accompanied me. Over the years I had few dogs and I loved them all but Jimmy, she was different. She became my best friend, my baby and my confident. I talked to her about everything and anything and she listened to me with those eyes full of love and understanding. Even though she could not understand my words, my she understood the emotions flowing through me.

Nobody could so much as touch me in her presence. She’d snarl and jump on them. She’d lick away my tears and sit on my lamp till all my sadness disappeared. Jimmy always knew what to do to make me laugh.
She would always get jealous if I gave attention to someone or something else.

I know she won’t be in my life forever. I want her to be there in every moment of my life. But that’s not possible. I can’t even begin to imagine life without Jimmy. Life would be that much more drab, dull and sadder without her by my side.

As sad as the truth is, I am so very grateful to Jimmy. She has brightened my life. She has taught me the true meaning of love, loyalty and friendship.

Dear Jimmy, it’s ok that I can’t have you by my side forever. You will be in my heart till there is a beat in it. You have given me forever in a numbered years, for which I am eternally grateful. It is an honour to have you my sweet little baby, the true love of my life.

Thank you.



“True forgiveness is when you can say, “Thank you for that experience.”
― Oprah Winfrey


There we are -2016. By: Paul Fernandes.

image  Paul Fernandes.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”                                                  -Mother Teresa.


Imagination Breathing wishes you a Happy New Year 2016. May this year bring you prosperity in every area of your life. May you be aware of the Divine providence, may you be happy in your relationship with people and no matter whatever comes your way may you face it with faith and courage. May you be kind towards the strangers, because some people come as strangers in our life and end up becoming angels of our lives. If you have waited to do something good for a while, now is the time. I also take this opportunity to thank my parents, my girlfriend, friends, viewers of Imagination Breathing for your companionship. Today if Imagination Breathing has been viewed in over 100 countries it’s all because of you.

Thank You

Best wishes:

Paul Fernandes.


Imagination Breathing.

(Inspiring lives).



All of us possess Human Dignity. By, Fabian Mark. Panchgani.

image  Fabian Mark, St. Xavier’s School. Panchgani.

Human Rights refers to the freedom which should be available to all people. Granting these rights to our fellow people requires certain respect without which these rights can never be put into practice. Human dignity is something that we are born with and no one can deny it to us on the basis of sex, religion or any other kind of social discrimination.

Slavery was one of the social evil which degraded  human dignity and some of our leaders in history used slavery as a medium to claim themselves as masters over other people. May it be War or any other social evil the biggest sufferers are women and children. Jawaharlal Nehru once said “You can tell the condition of a Nation by looking at the status of its  Women.”

I feel people throughout the world should work towards creating a world with equal respect for everyone and we should start by respecting ourselves. Many great leaders from different parts of the world gave their lives fighting against social evils, hoping to create a world without any kind of social discrimination. It is our duty to fulfill this dream for  better future. I am ready to do my bit, what about you?

Thank You.


You are not alone… It happens to all. By Chitsiarho Po. (Shillong, India)

Imagination Breathing.

ImageChitsiarho Po. Shillong, India.

You are not alone…  It happens to all.

Hey you! Yes you, the one with a broken heart! This is for you my friend.

Is your heart broken into so many pieces that you are afraid it won’t be healed completely ever again? Have all your dreams and all the things that you hoped for flown away, carrying your strength with them? Do you feel like there is no one to understand you and to help you make sense of your life? Do you feel all alone? Is nothing working out for you? Do you feel like nothing is right and nothing is true? Have you lost faith?

Have your friends abandoned you in your hour of despair? or, have a friend you cherished and trusted the most betrayed you in the worst possible way? It hurts, doesn’t it?

Did the person you love leave you?…

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Equal Status for Women. By Abhishek Kshirsargar.

image  St. Xavier’s High School and Jr. College, Panchgani.

 Equal Status for Women.

          Women are one of the pillars who are important to continue the human race on this planet. They must be treated equally. If we do not treat them well, it is equivalent to committing a sin. During the old Indus Valley civilization women enjoyed equal status as those of men. Then why is there no equal status for women in modern time?

         Most men think that women exist to satisfy them. This concept is totally wrong. Even the ‘Holy Bible’ says- Eve was created by God to give company to Adam. Many women around the world are not paid well nor respected. Each and every girl wishes that when they grow they want to be great, but most of their dreams are shattered due to unequal status in our modern world.

       Why do women struggle to have an equal status, even after the declaration of human rights? Human Rights means the basic rights and freedom to which all human beings are entitled to as members of a civilized society.

      Now it is our responsibility to make this into a reality. I am willing to put my effort. What about you?








Ancient and Modern teaching, (Pencil sketch). by: Sahil Ghule. St. Xavier’s junior college , Panchgani.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.              — Nelson Mandela.


IMG-20150919-WA0003 (1)  Sahil Ghule.