All of us possess Human Dignity. By, Fabian Mark. Panchgani.

image  Fabian Mark, St. Xavier’s School. Panchgani.

Human Rights refers to the freedom which should be available to all people. Granting these rights to our fellow people requires certain respect without which these rights can never be put into practice. Human dignity is something that we are born with and no one can deny it to us on the basis of sex, religion or any other kind of social discrimination.

Slavery was one of the social evil which degraded  human dignity and some of our leaders in history used slavery as a medium to claim themselves as masters over other people. May it be War or any other social evil the biggest sufferers are women and children. Jawaharlal Nehru once said “You can tell the condition of a Nation by looking at the status of its  Women.”

I feel people throughout the world should work towards creating a world with equal respect for everyone and we should start by respecting ourselves. Many great leaders from different parts of the world gave their lives fighting against social evils, hoping to create a world without any kind of social discrimination. It is our duty to fulfill this dream for  better future. I am ready to do my bit, what about you?

Thank You.


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