You are not alone… It happens to all. By Chitsiarho Po. (Shillong, India)

Imagination Breathing

ImageChitsiarho Po. Shillong, India.

You are not alone…  It happens to all.

Hey you! Yes you, the one with a broken heart! This is for you my friend.

Is your heart broken into so many pieces that you are afraid it won’t be healed completely ever again? Have all your dreams and all the things that you hoped for flown away, carrying your strength with them? Do you feel like there is no one to understand you and to help you make sense of your life? Do you feel all alone? Is nothing working out for you? Do you feel like nothing is right and nothing is true? Have you lost faith?

Have your friends abandoned you in your hour of despair? or, have a friend you cherished and trusted the most betrayed you in the worst possible way? It hurts, doesn’t it?

Did the person you love leave you?…

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