Equal Status for Women. By Abhishek Kshirsargar.

image  St. Xavier’s High School and Jr. College, Panchgani.

 Equal Status for Women.

          Women are one of the pillars who are important to continue the human race on this planet. They must be treated equally. If we do not treat them well, it is equivalent to committing a sin. During the old Indus Valley civilization women enjoyed equal status as those of men. Then why is there no equal status for women in modern time?

         Most men think that women exist to satisfy them. This concept is totally wrong. Even the ‘Holy Bible’ says- Eve was created by God to give company to Adam. Many women around the world are not paid well nor respected. Each and every girl wishes that when they grow they want to be great, but most of their dreams are shattered due to unequal status in our modern world.

       Why do women struggle to have an equal status, even after the declaration of human rights? Human Rights means the basic rights and freedom to which all human beings are entitled to as members of a civilized society.

      Now it is our responsibility to make this into a reality. I am willing to put my effort. What about you?








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