DO NOT HONK. -“Stop annoying me”.

DO NOT HONK. -“Stop annoying me”.

With ever growing vehicles on the streets of India it’s time for realization that “Your patience can reduce Noise Pollution”. Many a times we notice that we “Honk” unnecessarily. With this in mind the students of St. Edmund’s College, Shillong (Upasna, Sutanuka, Vitoka and Macfarlane) decided to spread awareness among the masses by doing a short video on “Do Not Honk”(Courtesy- Ravi Kalra- The Earth Saviours Foundation). It was a privilege for me to direct this video. This is also the first video on the You Tube channel of Imagination Breathing.

Let’s continue to Inspire Lives by our efforts.

Thank You.

Paul Fernandes


Imagination Breathing.

(Inspiring Lives).


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