Sojourner’s Struggle.

altAhQQG-ZBEkUlkTP4KuwFRM8rkWHKkkxRnBrPsQYZTBdI   Dennis Lallienzuol  Hrangchal.

Sojourner’s Struggle.

I am a free child bound in chains,
I was marked with a taboo.
Imprisoning me into the dungeon of fear and loneliness;
Where enemies crawl like the shadows of the dark.
A fathom that behold me
I was just a struggling sojourner.
Into memory lanes I searched myself,
Where people hizzed deceitful words that ached;
I was framed into the hall of shame.
Living in shades, I wondered
There are three shades of myself,
The third shade the scariest,
The shade that I kept to myself.
But there is a flame filled with indomitable spirit,
Reaching out as free as I will.
Living without envies and enemies
Living with steps well understood.
I shall break these chains of silence,
I shall break the alters of mankind’s orthodoxy;
Rubbing away the dunes of hatred and deceit,
Blowing down the phobic pillars strengthened by false conservation;
Killing the feudal thoughts.
And, I shall roam as a child,
Free as the wind.
I shall roam to the last of myself enduring my ideals,
Leaving behind the snide remarks.
As free I will be, and I shall see
My dearest Sojourning life the way I dreamt of.


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