A Walk with John Abraham. by: Paul Fernandes.

_DSC0005  John Abraham and Paul Fernandes. (15th oct  2014.)



Bollywood actor and co-owner of North East United FC  – John Abraham  interacts with the students of St. Edmund’s college,Shillong.

Couple of days  after his visit, I asked my friends what do they  remember from his visit besides taking his  photographs and autographs .  Most of them said – we remember his words when he said – ” Follow your dreams”.

There are people  among us who have followed their dreams and they are in a place where they always wanted to be. So today I leave you with a question –    if not us, then who? If not now, then when?   . 


Thank You.

Best Wishes:

Paul Fernandes.


Imagination Breathing.(inspiring lives)








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