Problems need to be saluted with LOL . by: Evangel Nongpluh. Shillong,India.

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Problems need to be saluted with  LOL .

           What if we find a quick and easy solution to every problem?  If solution is provided easily life would be  simple , right?   or … May be boring!!! We won’t know how much our inner strength is, and how to exercise our brain in thinking. Life is a game. We play hard to reach our goal and when we fail, We still have another chance to play again, and win all the level of games in our life. It never ends and we won’t quit the game easily.

              When we can laugh out loud (LOL) for silly jokes. Why not laugh out loud (LOL) for problems and start treating our problems as bad as it treats us!! Solution to every problem is always there but it just that it don’t comes out easily.Let’s not wait for others to make us happy or spoon feed us. Will make our self happy so that our surrounding can be happy. Lets use the words ‘’I can do it’’ instead of ‘’I can’t do it’’ will change the words‘’I will bear it’’ instead of ‘’I can’t bear it’’ and have patience to every problem. Will play a fun and fair game with problems. Sometimes  we can be very cunning while playing games, let’s be cunning with problems too. Lets  start with LOL to every problem and then change the outlook of it. Let’s see how problems can stay longer with us and how we give a warm welcome to every problems with LOL.!!! We don’t deserve to be depressed for unnecessary things.  Life is nothing but a flashback of Laugh Out Loud(LoL) to every part of our life.


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