Parents, a treasure to behold. by Chitsiarho Po

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Parents, a treasure to behold.             

               “We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old”. (unknown)

            This line caught my attention as I was looking through some quotes to start my article. I couldn’t help but agree to it solemnly. Often we are so busy growing up, adjusting to life, learning new things, we forget that our parents are ageing, growing a tad bit weaker as the years go by.

            I’m reminded of the story of the Hindu Lord Ganesh, who when challenged by his brother to go around the world thrice went around his parents thrice stating that his parents are infact his world. This story always reminds me the importance of our parents and the place we need to give to them.

            From the moment our parents hold us in their arms for the first time, they dedicate whole of their life for us. They spent their days working to provide us all our needs and wants, they spent their free time worrying for us and “they sacrifice their dreams just so that we can fulfill ours”. They do it all with no contempt, no regrets and no hesitation.

            Parents are the most precious gift one can ever have. They are our backbone, our support system, our strength. Our parents love us beyond all our faults and mistakes. No matter what we do, they only love us all the more. Even when we fail to be good children, they continue to be great parents. They are patient and forgiving, kind and considerate, they put us ahead of them. They shed their tears and sweat to ensure our happiness. Parents do it all with a smile.

            When I feel lonely and lost, when I feel life taking its toll, its my parents I turn to. I believe I’m not wrong in saying we all tend to cry out to our parents when times get hard because we know without a shadow of a doubt that they will help us through, they will never let us down. Their love for us never ends, never fades.

            Remember? Back when you were a kid, your daddy was your hero; strong and dependable and a kiss from your mommy could soothe all pains and injuries. He was your best friend, your protector. She was your angel, you confined your biggest fears to her and shared your craziest dreams with them both. Then, what changed?

We need to remember to thank them every chance we get. We ought to express our love to them every day. They taught us how to walk, to talk, to be who we are today. So, as the years go by and their strength slowly leaves them, we have to be their strength, return them the patience and love.

Today as you finish this small piece, go tell your parents you love them. They surely do love you!


3 thoughts on “Parents, a treasure to behold. by Chitsiarho Po

  1. Great post. In today’s society, when parents get old it seems like kids start abandoning them. We need to take care of them and be there for them, not put them in a home where we forget about them.

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