To Nature, WE OWE OUR THANKSGIVING. by. Laiarisa Pakyntein.(St.Edmunds College,Shillong.NSS unit)

Imagination Breathing

Image Laiarisa Pakyntein.(St.Edmunds College,Shillong.NSS unit).

To Nature, We owe our Thanksgiving


Creation , Creation ,Creation ,

Oh! Majestically woven and made

Ripples of water resound with joy;

The leaves dance to the music played,

Sound of day fade away, stars begin to climb,

Melodies fill the breeze sweeter all the time.

An incomparable, wonderfully designed being,

Oh! How he made you delicately.

A soul so loved remains in his caring;

Humans, the lordship over creation,

Conferred freely.

The scepter of power over creations fallen in destruction

The value of animals we don’t understand

The sadness of Nature, how it is being treated by man.

From the tiniest ant to the big blue whale

From the fastest cheetah to the slowest snail.

We are doomed to the darkness of self righteousness,

Overshadowed by the pangs of modernisation

We maroon the living,

Slaughter them worthless.

Hear me oh nations, open your eyes

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