A lesson I learnt from “Simplicity”. by Paul Fernandes


 A lesson I  learnt  from “Simplicity”.        

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  Leonardo da  Vinci.

The greatest ideas are the simplest.  William Golding.

I once had an opportunity to spend about 15 days in one of the remote village in Karnataka(India). I wasn’t sure if I could manage 15 days. But somehow I did. One thing I learnt from those people in that particular village was “Simplicity”. They lived a simple life, I suppose most villages would have a simple life style. What baffled me was their genuine smile and laughter. They did not have Internet facility, no television set, no mobiles and some parts of the village had no electricity too. Their day would commence with a prayer, a cup of tea and then they would rush to the corn fields with their tools. I realized that the only way to learn about them was to live among them, even though it was for a very short time. Let me tell you, It was very challenging and difficult, but today 4 years later when I look back, I think it was one of the most transforming experiences I had in my life. I realized that the simplicity they carried with them, was the cause of their togetherness. The community spirit they had within them was the key to their happiness.  They lived together, shared what little they had with them with the one who had nothing. If you are reading this I suppose you are reading from your computer or a tablet or a cell phone, which means you are in a pretty developed place. I often wonder and I continuously question myself what more can I do with the wonderful education and experiences I have received . How can I use my gifts for the betterment of the society? A question I would throw at you’ll would be, how can we make the place we work or stay a more community based place,where we are ready to share whatever  little we have with one another and make that particular place  a  joyous place for everyone to live in.  As Nido Qubein said  “Change brings opportunity” .  Are you being  part of that change? to help people live happy  and prosperous life.  You are most welcome to share your ideas in the comment section. What we believe at Imagination Breathing is-

“Your insight may be just what someone else needs to have a breakthrough”



Best  wishes:

Paul Fernandes


Imagination Breathing  (inspiring lives).





3 thoughts on “A lesson I learnt from “Simplicity”. by Paul Fernandes

  1. Well written Paul. Yes though we live in this developing countries, we need to be simple. What happens is when everything is going well, we do well. But when things begin to go badly, we fold up. And worry about things we can’t control. I personally feel its ok to be confused as to what we can do with our education.

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  2. Applications of our education is a long and difficult process, painful at times, but it draws the best out of a person if you give your uniqueness to life as part of your responsibility. Thanks Paul for this post.

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  3. well written Paul….always felt that if the so called educated people of the society had the quality of simplicity in then,things would have been in a better position in the world…..


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