Are you still chasing after something or someone ?


“Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others,even if you don’t like them. Stacy London.  The saddest moments of our lives are the moments when we wanted something or someone and did not have it.  Agree?  If you do not agree with the above sentence then don’t read the rest of it. Ok,- so to the people who agree with me when I said the saddest moments of our lives are the moments when we wanted something or someone and did not have it. Let’s make the journey of this blog together. I noticed that more we are desperate to get something, the further it goes away from us. What are you chasing, is it something or someone?  What if I told you that we are so focused on the destination that we forget what happens on the journey. The lessons we learn on the journey are equally important to our lives.  The solution I found to the problem of chasing is to do what you love, be around people who understand you, especially your family and close friends. More importantly to let go of what you desperately hold on to you. When this happens rest of the things will fall in line. You will meet the right people, right situations etc. I’ll give you an example- When I started  Imagination Breathing I constantly had to remind myself “It’s not what you do that makes a difference, it’s how you do it which makes a difference”. Even on the day I was writing my first post in the month of “May”, I asked myself –why would anybody contribute their writing to IB? And I wasn’t any celebrity that I had people around the world knowing me. All I did was believe in “how I did, what I did”, and the result is what you have in front of you Imagination Breathing has been viewed by people all across the world. The articles, poems and recently photographs that we contribute here are bringing smile and inspiring lives around the world. I am happy that more people are getting recognition and platform through Imagination Breathing. As I conclude with this blog- I invite you to stop chasing and just do what you believe you are good at and what you believe is great work. You will be with right people, at the right time ,in right situations and above all you’ll be happy. “Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people – the ones who really belong in your life – will come to your. And stay.”.. Will Smith. “Believe in yourself and stop trying to convince others”. James De La Vega. Thank you.

Best wishes:

Paul Fernandes


5 thoughts on “Are you still chasing after something or someone ?

    1. It’s called moving form desire to detachment and is not always easy, but brings much peace. Read “Secrets of a Bulletproof Spirit” by Azim Kahmisa. There is very good chapter in there. He is so wise…a very good mentor and friend.


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