Being. by: Jerry Ekka, (Shillong, India)

Image Jerry Ekka (Shillong, India)


Into the darkness so ineffable, a spark filled the awe.

The stretching sheath like a dome covered all,

Into light of living thus be stirred!

The massive little sphere thus fashioned, ‘it was good’!


The magnificent milieu poured through the crystals,

The dew grass walked by visceral,

And the woods pirouetting to harmony,

All seen from heaven; the kaleidoscopic view!


Aging, thus, not bear still; every step moves forward with backward rung.

What is it then that brings us back to square one?

Sitting in idleness, being oneself!


Why then the heart so weary?

Why no answers fall to plea?

Hope is all we entrusted with?

Shall this be what destiny articulates?


No, no, no shouts the query chest.

The flow of cosmos thus fluctuates;

Promise is ought to be kept,

The stone turns flesh!


Wonders, miracles, marvels

All lay spectacle. 



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