“You and I can make a difference”.

Photo by Phinehas Narra
Photo by Phinehas Narra on Unsplash

As I took a look around the environment, its beauty, richness and lush took my breath away and moments later a sense of alarm and dread creped into me. The environment is in danger! Our earth is at risk of being completely destroyed! Who is to be blamed? No one, but us. The phrase, ‘man is his greatest enemy’, rings so true. We have treated our home; the earth so recklessly that today it is at threat. It’s a sad fact that we have failed to take proper care of our environment. In return to all the needs the environment provides for us, we have polluted and abused it.

It’s time to take a look at all the damage done and make a move to change it. We can’t undo the things already done but we definitely can start the healing process. Before it’s too late we have to start returning the care nature has given us all these time.

You and I can make a difference. One spark is enough to light a fire and one small step from us is enough to make a difference. This is our world and it is our responsibility to save it.

Imagine years from now, when the future generation questions us about the beautiful flora and fauna that once existed on earth, and then what are we going to say? Will we be able to look at them and reply that we destroyed them? That we had the time to save the environment but didn’t? Will we be able to take the accusing looks of the future generations? They will blame us for our incompetence and our thoughtlessness. Our environment is an important heritage, a legacy even. We need to save it for the future generations too.

Every year, the world observes World Environment day so that people become aware of the threats our environment is facing and to lend a helping hand in protecting and preserving it. As young educated people we need to be at the forefront in this mission of healing the environment. Often people say, the problem is too big and one person alone cannot do anything. But its wrong. One helping hand can heal, one step can make a difference and one person can bring a wave of change.

The clock is ticking and with every tick the need to save our environment is fast increasing. The polars are melting, the temperature is increasing. The animals are being led into extinction, the trees and plants are exterminated. The earth is being suffocated with plastics and unhealthy gases. Plant a small tree, throw away plastic wrappers into a dustbin, raise a voice and lend a hand. It will make a world of difference. We cannot wait for the government and the authorities alone to save our planet. Each and everyone of us will have to do our bit.

You and I, in our own small way can make a difference.
I would like to conclude with a wise line by Michael Jackson, “We are the world, heal the world”.

   Chitsiaro Po


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