There was a tree. by Joyce Hatkhonei Baite,(St.Edmunds college,NSS unit)

Image Joyce Hatkhonei Baite(St.Edmund’s College,Shillong.NSS unit)


A Puzzled child asks;

“Mummy, mummy what was  a tree?”

“Well son, long ago there used to be

Living things called plants and trees

Which were as pretty as you please

In renewing oxygen they did wonders.

Alas! Now we live on oxygen cylinders

Because we didn’t see their importance

And cut them down in our impatience.

The result that all of us can see

Is a world without a single tree!

Oh! If we’d born a little wiser

We wouldn’t now live like helpless mice.

Coping without oxygen, we are the cause of destruction

Of destroying not what is, but in the past was.

By destroying trees , we’ve destroyed mankind.

And that’s why, my dear, no trees will you find.

But if you want to see them still

Go to the museum and there you will”.


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