Environment at its best. by Subajit Dhar (St. Edmund’s college ,NSS unit)

ImageSubhajit Dhar.(St. Edmund’s College, Shillong, NSS Unit)

Environment at Its Best

Life would have been never here,

Nor any Soul’s Garden could be seen with flowers

Around each of us, it is felt,

Invincible-Yet invisible, desires no appreciation-no return.

For how long no mind can say,

It served us, around us it stays as a guardian angel

Responsible for what we do and what we are,

Serves us at its best,

How cruel can our kind get as often it’s

welfare we neglect.

No scar here in land can measure its greatness.

Would man not protect which serves us and does us good.

Around each of us it is felt,

Invincible – yet invisible, desires no appreciation- no return.

Our environment at its best.



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