Abode of ‘Man’. By Jerry Ekka (St. Edmunds college,NSSunit)

Image Jerry Ekka.(St. Edmund’s College.Shillong,NSS Unit)

  Abode of ‘MAN’      


Into the vast obscurity of your palm,

Grew a light graceful to your dance.

A melody so vibrant moulded you and me;

Among a myriad stars, to be worthwhile!


Such compassion shone by thee,

Frame so immeasurably yours to be,

To texture the creation into self.

A sphere, ridged to plain;

With dew drops upon the face.

Beauty adorned by curled waves

And twirling crown overhead,

Brought the rainbow  into being.

The spectral spectator awed as he creped along.

The gust of wind thus made the green quiver;

Weaved the clouds to the believer.

Resting into thy arms, facing the heavens

Would never bring such a joy!


Camouflaged in the golden grass; sat the King

Along with the tall and the short,

Grown from the side and squeezed too…

Differences of perfection so!


The splendor doth held, not to the change,

So thought thee, the coarse hand would range

Fiery eyes not so long took to look again,

What I thought to be a chain of gain.

Comfort took a bright spot in the fetter,

Laxity sneaked with a shutter.

Saw so sharp, the wisest too on his knees;

Shift didn’t take long to be seen.

Soon the curved art suited the straight,

And the air took to the same trait.

Veiled by the inhaler, disfigured the face;

Twin pearls thus raced the chase.


Cycle takes its toll to the start,

Not with anticipated depart.

Yet the torch gleams not by the Sun but into the sheathe of a cloak.


3 thoughts on “Abode of ‘Man’. By Jerry Ekka (St. Edmunds college,NSSunit)

  1. Well written Jerry. As I was reading I felt that looking to all these current problems faced in our environment, it is no longer easy for man to comprehend, to live in, or to administer the city. As its growing out of human scale and out of control.


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